Marilyn discusses her feelings for John with Roo

Marilyn confides in Roo about her feelings for John. However, Roo thinks that she might be confused. Marilyn tries her best to take Roo’s advice and keep her distance. However, she fails miserably when she spills John’s pancakes on his lap. She takes refuge in the Bait Shop, but John finds her, so she covers by pretending she is going fishing. Her faux-fishing backfires terribly when she accidently hooks John, causing him to fall of the pier. Later, Harvey overhears Marilyn’s true feelings.

After sleeping with Kyle, Tamara decides that she doesn’t want to leave the Bay. Leah warns Kyle that taking advantage of her because he’s in love isn’t right. Leah also has a chat to Tamara, sensing that she is jumping into a relationship too quickly, because like it or not, Casey is going to get hurt.

Believing Tamara has left town, Casey turns to alcohol. Sid talks to him about counselling, but Casey is dismissive and he later shuns Jett. When Natalie tries to connect with Casey he’s despondent, Tamara is leaving town anyway. Natalie corrects him; Tamara’s not going anywhere. Casey’s hopes are lifted, believing she wants to sort out things between them. When Casey apologises to Kyle and thanks him for being there for Tamara, Kyle tells Casey the truth.