Marilyn doesn’t recognise John!

James says that Marilyn’s well enough come off the ventilator but she soon has to be put back on life support. Distraught, John makes a desperate plea to Marilyn and it works! She squeezes his hand and seems to be in good spirits. However, John and others are left stunned when she doesn’t recognise him and still thinks she married to Don Fisher!

When Ricky finds out Kat tried to shoot Charlotte, she tracks her down and says that her intimate moment with Nate was nothing more than a one-night stand. Encouraged by her words, Kat tells Nate she wants to give their relationship another go. Meanwhile, Roo tells Ricky not to give up on Nate – but it looks as though she’s missed her chance…

Charlotte lies and tells Kat that she was sleepwalking, desperately trying to convince her to keep the incident between themselves. Kat doesn’t care and reports what has happened to her colleagues with an investigation being launched. Terrified, Charlotte takes her anger out on Hunter.