Marilyn faces her ‘day of death’

Marilyn’s much-talked about day of death is near and Sid seems to have forgotten all about it. Marilyn and Sid discuss it and Marilyn tells him that although he doesn’t believe in what Mitzy said would happen, the prediction is still very real to her. Sid feels bad and decides to do something nice for Marilyn. He’s going to treat her to a final night, just the two of them, at home.

Graves doubts whether Alf is guilty of Penn’s murder, though Robertson is still convinced. Despite the ongoing investigation, Robertson continues to try and re-establish his relationship with Leah. They chat and Leah admits that the town may not like him being there, but she understands why he does what he does. She leaves him with a long kiss.

Indi is stressed out at the thought of repeating another year of school and Romeo leaving her behind. Wanting to discuss it with him, she goes to visit Romeo on a lunch break and sees him with a group of girls. Her fears reinforced, she confronts Romeo. Romeo reveals that he loves her so much that he deliberately failed his HSC just to be with her.

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