Marilyn is looking forward to her big date with Sid. She even cons Alf into giving her clothing advice. She wants to believe that people can change, and is willing to give Sid a chance. Indi and Dex are disgusted by Sid’s behaviour – sleeping with Veronica when he’s planning on going out with Marilyn. Sid pleads with them to forgive him – he wants to keep the family together. Romeo tells Marilyn Sid was with a nurse, and she’s surprised and disappointed. After taking time to reflect, she confronts Sid, asking if he’s seeing anyone else, and he says no.

Nicole is still bothered by Penn. She simply can’t shake the thought he’s seeing other girls. She confides to Miles that she thought she was OK with it – she didn’t want anything serious after Aden, but now she’s really struggling with the thought that he’s cheating on her.

Ruby, desperate to be with Liam, hates the fact she can’t be. It’s consuming her every moment. Bianca continues to flirt with Liam, and he’s quite taken with her. When Liam runs into Bianca at school, he’s shocked to discover she’s going to be joining the staff as a languages teacher.

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