Marilyn has moved in with Alf and Miles, and immediately rings in the changes. Gone are the bacon, eggs and milk from the fridge and in come healthy alternatives. It’s all taken in good spirits… for now.

Martha helps Xavier move into the farm. Both mother and son are hurting, but neither will back down. Xavier notices Martha still cares for Liam and correctly guesses she doesn’t want him to go. Gina looks at a happy family photo of her three boys and dissolves into tears.

Justin is discharged from hospital and stays with Aden. Justin is quite taken by Nicole. The brothers get reacquainted. Aden notices big changes in his brother, which Justin puts down to his army lifestyle. He no longer drinks or swears and has planned his future, only showing glimpses of his old temper. The boys clearly share a disgust with their father and grandad.

Nicole resolves to sort things out with Britt. When a buyer rejects Britt’s new swimwear line, Britt is keen to see Nicole’s designs. They work together overnight, with a view to presenting them to the buyer in the morning. But when Nicole goes to get their dinner, Britt signs her own name across Nicole’s work.

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