Matt tells Sasha they have only 48 hours to pay for their Year 12 formal venue or they’ll lose it. Matt suggests a fundraising market in order to raise the cash and they recruit Sophie, Leah, Roo, Irene and Marilyn. Marilyn offers to do Tarot readings, but when her cards are blown off the table she believes its bad luck surrounding her relationship with Shandi.

Sophie admits to Nate she’s paranoid over his relationship with Hannah. When Leah tells a disheartened Nate that actions speak louder than words, he then realises he has to win her trust. The next day, Sophie refuses Nate’s help with the fete. The pair eventually have a heart to heart where he reassures she has nothing to worry about.

Irene hints that she would like some new shelves and Chris takes the hint. However, the next morning her kitchen looks like a DIY disaster. Chris promises he’ll put everything right in time for her to bake for the Market Day. However, when Irene, Sasha and Matt return, the kitchen looks worse and Sasha breaks down in Matt’s arms.