Marilyn tries to help cheer up Colleen

Marilyn and Irene think Colleen is somewhat withdrawn after the robbery and try to cheer her up. Irene tries to arrange a fundraiser at Angelo’s but Brax says it’s not a good time for him, so Marilyn offers to help Colleen clear up her caravan. While helping to throw out a lot of the junk Colleen’s collected over the years, Marilyn finds a lottery ticket in one of the draws and, believing the universe works in mysterious ways, she heads off to find out if it’s worth anything. Irene is commiserating with Colleen when Marilyn comes running up – the ticket is a winner and Colleen is $175,000 richer!

Liam holds up with Hayley to help her go cold turkey and despite her attacks on him and his chaotic life, he stays to see her through. The next morning, Hayley is feeling better and thanks Liam with a kiss, though he quickly stops things before they go any further.

Harvey is going through a rough time with his lawyer who thinks he should be pleading guilty and starts to push Roo away again. Then, his situation is aggravated as ex-wife Mel starts accusing him of mismanaging the household finances.