Marilyn tries to say goodbye

Marilyn is recording ‘goodbye’ DVDs for her friends and family. Sid gets wind of what she’s up to and he snaps, telling her the whole exercise is pointless.

Will and Leah realise that Lily and VJ have run away. Panic-stricken, they call the police. Robertson, Graves and all the available police officers begin to track them down. Eventually, the kids are found and returned to their parents. But in doing so, Robertson uncovers some valuable information on Will.

Ruby is starting to worry as her deadline to find true love is drawing ever closer. She urges Nicole to be her wingman on the hunt for a guy. However, Nicole feels uncomfortable about going out, so Ruby gets Dex to help her. Dex ‘borrows’ his father’s car and goes out with Ruby to a party. He remembers the advice Sid and Graves gave him about going out and mingling with kids his own age, but the night is a dud for Dex, who thinks the average person is boring.

However, Ruby scores a date to the year 12 Formal. Things are looking up, until they get pulled over by the cops. The car they’re driving has been reported stolen. Dex and Ruby are busted!

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