Marilyn’s back in Home and Away

Marilyn returns to Summer Bay and pays a very sick Alf a visit...

Nate convinces Roo to go home and get some rest. When Roo is gone, Marilyn turns up and chats away to Alf about Europe, when he suddenly squeezes her hand. As Alf begins to come round, it’s clear that there are physical repercussions to his heart attack.

Irene is struggling to free herself and reluctantly accepts food from Mick, her kidnapper. He then tells her that he is her son and he has a special surprise in store for Olivia and Chris…

Chris and Olivia are frustrated when Kat has no updates on Irene. But when Olivia leaves The Diner, Mick follows her and reveals his identity, telling her to get in the car. Olivia agrees, but manages to jump out and run to safety.

Furious, Mick decides to drive on, unaware that Olivia has left her phone under the passenger seat. However, the plan is rumbled when Hunter rings Olivia’s mobile. Aware that the police are coming, Mick grabs Irene and flees.