A man walks along the road towards the Bay, bloodied and wounded and with no memory of how he got there. Driving along at the same time is none other than Marilyn Fisher, who’s heading back to the Bay. Marilyn sees a figure standing in the road. She swerves the car and hits the brakes.

On the drive to the hospital, Marilyn fires some questions, none of which the man can answer. But at the hospital something sparks his memory and he remembers his name. He’s Justin Jefferies and he’s here to see his brother, Aden.

Charlie is talking to Ruby about starting therapy. She’s worried that bringing up old issues is going to make her feel worse. She almost backs out but Ruby talks her round. Angelo gets suspicious when Charlie starts making secret appointments without telling him where she’s going.

Xavier can’t get past the fact that he saw his mum and John together. And he knows his mum is going to kill him when she finds out he threatened John. Ruby and Xavier skip school for the day and avoid his mum altogether. Not wanting to go home, Xavier asks Martha if he can come and live at the farm with her.

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