Nicole is frantic – Marilyn has disappeared with Baby George. She wants Charlie to officially investigate, but Sid is hesitant. Nicole gives Marilyn until sunrise. Meanwhile, Marilyn goes to book two tickets to London but changes her mind. She opts for somewhere not quite so far away. She heads to the airport with George, but not before the travel agent tips off the cops.

Roo and Laura head to the airport after a potential sponsor requests a meeting. Elijah offers Roo and Laura a lift, giving him another chance to flirt with Laura. At the airport Marilyn panics, dodges security and takes refuge in the public toilets. As she is coming out, she bumps into Roo. Busted!

Charlie, on the hunt for George, crosses paths with Brax. They’re both clearly hurting but putting on a brave front. Angelo is pleased to hear Charlie has broken up with Brax and insinuates the Braxtons may be looking for a big score soon, to compensate for their marijuana bust.

When Charlie’s investigation takes her to Angelo’s later in the day, Brax appears behind the bar to ensure a healthy dose of sexual tension. They can’t resist each other and arrange to meet later…

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