Marina asks Heston for help!

Heston is surprised when, during lunch with Marina, they spot Kevin getting angry with his phone and Marina admits that she has been known to let off steam on a number of household implements. Taken aback by Marina’s openness Heston finally summons the courage to talk to her about her temper.

Heston nervously tells Marina how he’s done some research and he thinks she should talk to someone and, fearing the worst, he’s surprised when Marina finally breaks down sobbing. She doesn’t know why Heston puts up with her and asks for his help – she doesn’t want a stranger – and Heston agrees.

Cherry asks Mrs Tembe if she’ll make her wedding cake, and Mrs Tembe starts researching ideas. Freya helps Cherry with the table centrepiece but Cherry isn’t mad on the handmade monstrosity.

Mrs Tembe presents her extensive ideas for the wedding cake but Cherry doesn’t like any of them. She manages to push Mrs Tembe so far to the edge that she reveals she no longer wants to be involved.

Cherry fears that she’s becoming bridezilla and tries to feign interest in Freya’s finished centrepiece but Freya admits it’s rubbish. A sobered Cherry makes Freya promise to tell her if she’s becoming unbearable.

Also, Julia helps a distressed man piece together lost memories but debates whether honesty is the best policy.