Marina asks out Heston!

At The Mill, Heston is taken aback when Marina asks him to dinner and, unused to being pursued, he awkwardly declines her offer. Marina’s obviously disappointed, but takes it well, leaving Heston to mull over his decision.

Later, Heston admits to Freya he declined Marina’s offer of a date. Freya can’t understand why, if Heston likes her, he wouldn’t want to go out with her. Heston says his love life has always been disastrous, but Freya urges him to take a chance.

Elaine tells Freya that her renewed vigour is down to a good night’s sleep and a bedtime routine of a bath and chamomile tea. Freya thanks Elaine for teaching her that drugs aren’t always the answer. Elaine agrees before returning to her office and pocketing another packet of sleeping pills.

Meanwhile, an excited Cherry shows Karen and Julia details of her dream house, but Zara is quick to burst Cherry’s bubble as she reminds her that they’ve still got to sell their house first.

Also, a murder suspect plays games with Rob, but can he uncover the truth in time?