Heston and Marina get into a discussion about a patient and Marina gets upset that Heston isn’t taking it seriously enough. A row ensues and Elaine interrupts just as it escalates, but Marina assures Heston she was totally in control as she was running through his coping mechanisms all the while.

As Heston and Marina head off to see a new Gilbert and Sullivan production they really look the perfect couple, prompting a wave of envy from Elaine and Mrs Tembe. Heston notices and feels sick – if only they knew the truth!

Mrs Tembe confides in Freya that she feels a huge responsibility for Akono. Freya suggests she should see herself as Akono’s housemate and start enjoying his company. As they arrive home from evening church service, Akono questions why they didn’t stay at the church for tea.

Mrs Tembe opens up about the racism she experienced and the lack of support from her church friends. Akono has a very mature reaction to Mrs Tembe’s story and Mrs Tembe realises Freya was right, it’s nice to have a friend.

Also, can Freya help a patient realise his grief has blinded him to the dire straits his family are in before he loses another daughter?