Marina is looking forward to a quiet night in. Alone, with a face mask on, she hears someone in the kitchen and grabs an umbrella ready to confront them only to find Heston has arrived home early. Upset that Heston has seen her in the mask, she stomps upstairs.

Later that night, Heston eats the last of Marina’s cheesecake and accuses her of being greedy. He keeps putting his foot in it and when he tells Marina to shut up she slaps him. Marina is apologetic, shocked at herself. Heston’s forgiving but clearly uneasy.

Julia arrives home to be greeted by a drunk Patrick in her kitchen. Neither wife Sally or mistress Sian want anything to do with him and now Sally’s denying him access to Chloe.

When Patrick says he knows Sally won’t let Julia see Chloe either, Julia realises she only has one option if she wants to see Chloe again – she kicks her son out into the night, telling him to sort himself out.

Also, when Jack’s mate needs someone to defend him from a petty theft, Jack finds himself up against Sergeant Hollins.