Having been kept awake by Heston’s snoring, Marina gives up trying to sleep and heads to the kitchen to do some work. Later, Heston bounds in refreshed and is shocked to find her asleep at the table. Marina galvanises herself as she gets ready for work.

She gets home to discover that Heston hasn’t cleaned up the house as promised. Marina struggles to pull back from her anger knowing Heston isn’t really to blame for her distress. He convinces her to have some dinner, but when he puts sauce on her plate after she says she doesn’t want any she hits out at him.

When he tries to initiate the coping mechanism she screams at him and throws her plate of dinner, just missing him. She then sweeps the glasses and cutlery off the table and runs to the bedroom where she paces like a caged tiger before sliding to the floor and crying as if her heart might break.

Julia tells Elaine that Sally sent back all Chloe’s Christmas presents. Julia plucks up the courage to call Sally’s home number, but gets a dead tone. She then rings Sally’s mobile and gets the same. Finally, she phones Patrick and it goes to his answering machine.

Julia phones Patrick again and catches him down the pub. He’s drunk and depressed and tells Julia all he knows is that Sally has taken a job in Cheshire. Julia feels like her world has fallen apart.

Also, Marina has the day from hell as she tries to help a young mum struggling to cope with her baby.