Mark and Steph kiss!

Steph apologises to Paul about her biker mates but, when he lashes out at her, she quits. Mark finds her and helps her fix a motorbike but, as they work, Steph kisses him! Although initially shocked, Mark kisses her right back…

Daniel picks up on the chemistry between Paul and Terese, who confesses that they kissed during the heatwave but it was nothing. Later, when Paul asks her out to dinner, she knows saying no is the right thing to do and turns him down.

Nene shows up at Karl’s Off Air gig and volunteers to join him as a backing singer. When Susan arrives, she’s thrown by Nene and Karl’s on-stage rapport and becomes suspicious of Nene’s intentions.

Brad asks Hilary Robinson about the home she lives in and, when she gushes about it, Josh points out all the social activities that Doug would hate. Later, Doug confesses to Brad how much he hates the idea of living in a home and the family must come up with an alternative solution.