Mark arrests Clive in Neighbours

But is Clive really the one terrorising Ramsay Street?

Charlie Hoyland is relieved when he hears mum Steph’s motorbike in the distance, and Mark Brennan places Clive under arrest for terrorising Ramsay Street. Mark later learns Clive has been refused bail, and will be off the streets for the foreseeable future. With one problem out of the way, Mark apologises to Steph for letting Charlie run away. But little do they know Ari the snake-catcher is watching them…

Meanwhile, Elly flirts with Ned at the staff meeting but she’s offended when she realises he’s not interested in asking her out. But will he have a change of heart?

Also, Brad’s still insecure about Ned’s intentions towards Lauren, and encourages Ned to ask Elly out. While they’re out, Ned’s rattled by an encounter with an old biker mate. What’s he hiding?