Mark Brennan questions Gary

Mark Brennan takes Gary in for questioning - but has he got the right man?

Cooper’s parents have taken out an injunction order against Gary. But when he bumps into Cooper laughing with his mates about Xanthe, he can’t resist warning him to stay away. Unfortunately, Mark sees everything…

Terese gets the camera footage from Ryan and sees Cooper’s attack on Xanthe has been recorded. Tim’s worried about their careers and asks Terese to send the clip anonymously to the Cannings. Will she agree?

Piper looks through Elly’s assessment folder – and is shocked to see how hard she has graded her compared to everyone else. But will Elly catch her in the act?

To Paige’s delight, Jack is spending all his free time with her, tutoring her in religious studies. But Amy discovers he’s actually protecting Paige after being told something worrying on a professional capacity…