Mark closes in on the arsonist…

Having learnt that the school fire was lit deliberately, Mark’s concerned when Sonya reveals Belinda warned that Steph was unstable. Later, he learns a can of petrol from the garage was found among the fire debris and Nate saw Steph arguing with a woman on the day of the fire. Later, Mark asks Steph to come down to the station for a formal interview.

Kyle tells Amy how Jimmy overheard Paul pay off Liam to go away. Amy’s willing to overlook it, but Kyle accuses her of making bad decisions – hooking up with Liam for one. Amy’s stung and Kyle knows he’s gone too far.

On hearing about Daniel’s decision to quit Off Air, Aaron suggests Daniel apologise to Karl and ask Paul for a loan. But Daniel’s too proud to do either. Feeling bad for his friend, Aaron suggests they both forget their unemployment woes with a relaxing afternoon together. It seems the new housemates are back on track – until Daniel gets physically rough, allowing Aaron to glimpse Daniel’s darker side.