Mark confronts Faye

Cain wonders aloud to Mark how Natasha would react to seeing his bit on the side living in the village. After trying to get hold of Faye all day, Mark marches her out of The Woolpack set for an argument and demands to know what she’s doing in the village. Faye smugly says that it’s the perfect opportunity for Mark to bond with his son then darkly tells him that he ruined her life so what’s to stop her doing the same to him.

The Dingles get a shearer round to fleece the sheep and then arrange for them to be sold to a local farmer. Shadrach bodges the deal and the Dingles fail to sell the sheep and then make very little profit from the wool. Lisa works out that Zak has stolen the sheep from Butler’s Farm. Zak tells Lisa that if the Bartons have lost livestock, they will probably be in the market for replacements and he plots to sell John his own sheep!

Diane is rushed off her feet at the pub when Val swans off with Pollard. In desperation she asks Rodney to help behind the bar. Val returns and voices her annoyance with the decision, but Diane argues she had no choice.

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