*One-hour episode*

Mark investigates after getting a mysterious text during the shoot and he is alarmed when he’s confronted by a face from the past, Faye. Mark tries to bribe Faye to stay out of his life as she demands to know why he walked out on her. Things are cut short when Natasha comes looking for Mark. Faye ominously tells Mark that they will continue their conversation at a later date.

Maisie and Andy turn up for the shoot and Andy gets a perfect score, but Maisie is left fuming when Debbie arrives after an invite from Natasha and she realises that Natasha set them up. Natasha splits the party into two teams and Andy is forced to be with Debbie and they are soon rowing. Maisie confronts Natasha and when Andy makes his own feelings felt Nathan steps in. A furious Maisie announces she’s moving in with Andy.

Belle forces Lisa to arrange a Dingle court with Will as her witness. Sam is judge and Shadrach defends the absent Zak. Belle gives her testimony about how her father has let her down, while Shadrach claims that Zak deserves a chance to make things right. The votes are cast and Zak is found guilty… With the sentence excommunication from the family!