Mark finishes with Kate

At the station, Kate confesses to Mark that she knew Rebecca pushed Paul and that she lied in her statement. Mark reminds her he isn’t working on the case and walks out, telling her she needs to make a formal statement. Susan assures Kate that Mark will come round but she fears she has ruined everything. Kate begs Mark not to give up on them. Sophie is also upset with Kate for lying, and Susan tells her Kate needs her support and that everyone has lied when they think it would help.

Andrew is confused when he finds out that it was Rebecca who pushed Paul and works out that Kate must have lied. He confronts her, asking how she could do that after everything Paul did for her and her family. Mark tells Andrew to back off and advises Kate to get herself a lawyer.

Summer is sick of Tash mouthing off and spreading gossip about Rebecca. When Summer’s finally had enough of Tash and her opinions, she blurts out that Tash is pregnant and it quickly spreads around the whole school. Things get worse for Tash when she is rejected by the ‘Mathletes,’ but with a bit of manipulation, she manages to worm her way back in.

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