Mark has a narrow escape

Debbie wonders whether to tell Natasha about seeing Mark talking to a strange woman and she tentatively brings up the subject. Natasha is furious that Debbie is implying that Mark is cheating on her and orders her to leave. When Mark gets back from an errand, Natasha angrily confronts him about Debbie’s accusation and seems to buy his story when he claims he was giving an upset woman directions!

Debbie is unnerved when Cain seems happy for her to step back from her custody battle for Sarah. Debbie has another run-in with Maisie and it’s obvious that the events of yesterday have made their rift even worse.

Jimmy overhears Cain on the phone talking about getting hold of some money and asking for an hour to secure the funds. Jimmy follows Cain and when he pulls in and heads into some woods Jimmy follows him. Jimmy quietly follows Cain into a clearing, but he loses sight of his enemy and when he gets back to his car he finds all his tyres have been slashed. Jimmy returns to the village shame-faced and Cain tells him he will have to be much cleverer than that if he wants to know where his money is!