Elly senses the tension between Mark and Jack and decides to invite them both for a game of croquet to break the ice. However, it doesn’t take long for things between the men to get competitive and for the pair to end up in a physical fight! Jack and Mark hurl insults at each other and it becomes clear that the men won’t be seeing eye to eye any time soon.

Meanwhile, Mishti throws a drunk Shane into a tiny police cell and waits for Dipi to arrive. Dipi is livid and her anger is directed at Mishti as she feels her sister has chosen work over her family. Mishti tries to explain the predicament she was in but Dipi isn’t interested. Later, Shane and Dipi have a heart to heart about his recent behaviour and come to a big decision…

Also, Toadie and Sonya aren’t thrilled to have Paul as a business partner, especially when he overrides their business decisions. Thinking of ways to keep Paul’s involvement in the boat business under control they decide to follow him – but what will they find?