Mark lashes out at Kate over Kyle

Upset that Mark blew out their date, Kate accepts an offer from Kyle to have a DVD night. When Kyle notices that Kate keeps checking her phone he confiscates it and turns it off, just as Mark tries to call her. Kate gets upset and assures Kyle it’s just been a stressful day but Kyle knows it’s about Mark and assures her he probably had a good reason to cancel.

The next day, having woken up on the sofa, Kate and Kyle leave her house just as Mark is in the street. When he sees Kyle give Kate a peck on the cheek he jumps to the wrong conclusion and overreacts. Kate is angry but assures him nothing happened. However, sick of Mark’s behaviour and believing he has taken Toadie’s side, Jade encourages Kyle to ask Kate out properly pointing out that Kate’s only interested in Mark because she doesn’t realise what else is out there.

Still hung up on Mark, Kate rejects Kyle when she realises he wants to take her on a proper date but when Mark tells her he is hesitating because he doesn’t know if he can trust her again, she’s had enough, and with a little encouragement from Jade, Kate calls Kyle to accept.

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