Mark makes his choice

Having been given a warning by Mark about their behviour, the girls are back home and the neighbours see the funny side of what happened. However, Kate knows that if Mark hadn’t chosen work over her by that stage, he would have after that. So when he goes to see her later she is shocked when he tells her he chose her and not the case. Declan’s not so happy though when he sees them kiss.

With Jade at home, Sonya panics when she gets a message from Toadie saying he is coming home in two days. Jade confronts Sonya as to why she’s so uptight and Sonya tells her she knows she was in trouble with the police yesterday and tells her to leave. But while Sonya thinks her sister’s left town, Jade’s moving in with the Kennedys.

Rebecca returns to see Michael at the hospital and he tells her that he ran after the bus when he found out she was leaving for Oakey. When Declan sees Rebecca outside Michael’s ward, he questions why she is so interested in him but she tells him she’s worried about everyone involved in the fire.

However, when Declan walks in just as Rebecca and Michael are about to kiss, she admits to Declan that she loves Michael.

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