Mark meets his secret son

Faye forces Mark back to her flat by turning up in the village unannounced. Mark has had enough of her games and he’s about to leave when Faye blurts out they have a son. Mark is taken off guard when an oblivious Ryan returns and invites his mum’s ‘new boyfriend’ for a drink. Faye is on tenterhooks as the men chat, but she’s devastated when Mark insists that they can never tell Ryan the truth. Back in the village, Cain approaches Mark and demands a bribe to keep quiet about Mark’s meetings with Faye.

Jimmy is heartbroken when Nicole claims that she’s putting their baby up for adoption. Laurel urges Nicola not to push Jimmy away, while Lexi realises that Jimmy is genuinely hurt and she suggests that Nicola shouldn’t use the baby to win a petty squabble. Nicola starts to see sense and decides to keep the baby after all.

Katie is blown away when Nathan organises a romantic picnic after a horse ride. Nathan can’t resist rubbing it in with Lee and he’s arranged for Lee to work nearby so he can see all. Nathan sweet-talks Katie and she invites him back to hers. Nathan is smug when a jealous Lee finds them together after having sex.