Mark narrowly averts being found out

Mark worries about taking Natasha to see the flat and he’s even more on edge when Cain drops round to pick up Maisie. Mark takes Natasha to the right block of flats, but shows her round another empty flat after arranging it with a vendor. Mark is almost caught out when he’s recognised by a neighbour, but Natasha doesn’t catch on. There’s another close call when Faye comes home and Natasha almost sees her.

Cain pays Home Farm another visit later that day and goads Mark, saying his lies are starting to catch up with him. Mark grabs him, but Cain tells Mark not to upset him or he might let certain home truths slip to Natasha. Cain tells Mark that he wants more cash or he’ll tell Natasha everything and Mark feels trapped.

Nathan spends the morning winding up Katie until she snaps and has a go at him about the way he’s treating her. Katie later finds out that someone has told her clients that the horses escaped and she accuses Nathan in front of Mark and Natasha. Nathan denies everything and tries to make it look like Katie is being hysterical. A furious Katie impulsively tells the Wyldes she’s taking her business elsewhere.