Natasha is suspicious when Mark cries off supporting Nathan at the protest walk to go for a golf lesson and she asks Debbie to help her follow him. They lose sight of him in town, but after spotting him in a cafe they follow him as he heads to the driving range. Natasha is satisfied that she was being paranoid, while Mark watches Natasha and Debbie drive off, relieved that he has outsmarted them.

David and the protestors are confronted by Nathan at Home Farm, who announces that the public footpath is closed until further notice. Pollard arrives and announces that he has cleared it with the council to keep the path open. Nathan is aghast, but Pollard assures him that once he’s elected he can reverse the decision. Leyla catches them talking and warns David that Pollard isn’t playing fairly.

Nicola makes Jimmy sleep on the sofa after finding out that Sandy wrote the love letter, but she softens when Jimmy insists he was never good with words. Nicola challenges him to write his own letter, but she’s unimpressed with his poem and wants another one. A fuming Jimmy reveals that he knew nothing about the love letter until Nicola moved in and she furiously throws him out!

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