Mark realises Kyle can’t be bought

Kyle tells Mark that he won’t take his money to stop seeing Phoebe, so Mark tells him to name his price, and he’ll be back in the morning. Kyle explains his dilemma to Brax and Casey, who encourage him to tell Phoebe. When Phoebe sees Brax talking to Mark, she confronts him and Brax pushes her to Kyle. Kyle admits that Mark offered to pay him off to break up with her. Then later when Mark turns up at the Braxtons’, Phoebe overhears him threatening Kyle and she bursts in. Mark tells Phoebe she’s making a big mistake, and it isn’t over. Kyle and Phoebe kiss… in love more than ever. 

When Andy tells Alf he’s going to be late paying the rent again, Alf won’t accept it and Andy is forced to ask Casey for his old job back. Casey hesitates and tells Andy that if he can prove he can be a good employee somewhere else, Casey will rehire him.

Worried that John felt forced into taking off his wedding ring, Marilyn’s relieved when he admits he was just upset about losing it. Having no luck finding it, John tells Marilyn that he felt adrift initially without it, but now feels free to be with Marilyn. Surprisingly, when they find the ring, John boxes it and realises he can finally move on.