Mark tries to stay strong for his family

How will the Brennan family keep things together after Russell's death?

The Brennan family are left shocked by the death of Russell. Mark tries to remain strong but doesn’t quite know what to feel. While Aaron is overcome by grief, Tyler is racked with guilt, believing his reluctant attitude to visit their dad is the reason why the family were not able to say their goodbyes. Meanwhile, Fay is acting extremely strange. Russell’s last words were: “Memory Cove,” and it relates to a secret that could tear the brothers apart.

Meanwhile, Amy’s still furious with Leo and Paul for warning her to stay away from Nick, and vents her problems to Mishti. Mishti is sick of Leo’s interference and tells him to back off! While the pair argue, Mishti jumps in her car and reverses without looking and hits Tyler! The accident brings back painful memories to the surface, leaving her shaken. Leo tries to comfort Mishti but she pushes him away. Why is she acting so cold?