Mark tells Kate he’s not interested

Determined to change Sonya’s mind about moving in, Toadie knows he has to show her how serious he is. He starts by asking Lucas to be a witness in the annulment of his and Steph’s marriage. Still in love with Steph, Lucas is more than happy to help. Karl tries to make amends with Toadie and helps him in his bid to get Sonya to move in.

At the end of another driving lesson, Declan tells Kate he misses hanging out with her as friends. When she gets out the car, she forgets her phone and Declan sees she has a message from Mark, asking her for lunch. He deletes it then takes the opportunity to ask Kate out for lunch himself.

At Charlie’s, Mark arrives and playfully asks Kate if she’s ignoring his messages. When she tells him she didn’t get his message he asks her out for dinner instead. Declan invites Mark to join them for lunch and during a game of pool, Mark suggests that Declan should let Kate move on.

But when Mark and Donna leave, Declan tells Kate that Mark threatened him. He takes things even further when he lets Kate believe, the bruise he got from boxing practice with Lucas, was Mark’s doing.

At the station, Kate confronts Mark. Not interested in childish games, Mark tells her to forget it.

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