Mark tells Steph he wants kids

Charlie visits and Steph’s chuffed when he and Mark hit it off. Mark praises Steph’s parenting, saying she’ll be an expert next time she has a baby. Steph is thrown and escapes, telling Toadie that she never imagined more kids would be on the agenda. Later, Mark realises he’s freaked Steph out and explains he hopes kids could be on the cards one day. Steph doesn’t have a chance to reply as they’re interrupted by the sound of Charlie and, local kid, Archie fighting.

Brodie confronts Piper with evidence that proves his alibi at the time of the explosion. When a protective Tyler warns her off the investigation, an argument breaks out between the pair. Piper sees Brodie as he’s leaving Erinsborough and he claims that he can tell Tyler is in love with her.

John’s having trouble sleeping, so he and Paige agree to try co-napping. When John’s deep asleep, Paige confesses the strength of her feelings for him. She’s feeling hopeful until she learns that a woman was looking for John at The Waterhole – and was calling herself his girlfriend.