Mark and Tyler leave town

Are the brothers on the run?

Tyler and Mark both need to clear their heads, so going off to search for Louise couldn’t have come at a better time. The pair start their search for Louise in the Bushland where Piper was found. Will they find the clues to track her down?

While looking for Louise, Tyler is overcome with guilt about the way he treated Piper and Mark is worried that he’s losing Paige. Later, Aaron calls his brothers to say that their boat has been found by the police – but will he have other information for them?

Also, with the launch of The Flame tree hours away, Steph feels like the night will be a disaster as the caterer ruined her order. However, Gary comes to the rescue when he offers to do the food and Lyn comes up with a great idea to attract more media attention. Are things turning around for Steph?