He loves her, he loves her not, he loves her… Yes, it’s the ongoing saga of bigamist Mark’s pursuit of wife number one, Faye. He can’t bear to see her with another man and she seems to be getting very friendly with Jai. When Mark sees the candy man leaving Faye’s house it prompts him to declare his love for Faye and tell her she’s the one that he wants. He’ll do anything to be with her, he says. But Faye’s not convinced…

Charity’s having a hard time getting the Dingles to believe her, too, when she says it’s not Cain’s money she wants, it’s him. She tells Marlon and Chas she has the money but would rather have the man. She tells Lisa the same when she confronts her in the pub. She admits her guilt and says nothing anyone says can make her feel worse, but she’s staying put. Is she telling the truth?

Meanwhile, life has turned sour for Priya at the factory since Nikhil made her supervisor. Her mates are proving hard to manage, especially Eli. Nikhil wants her to lay down the law but she refuses. Does he have to find another supervisor?

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