Mark wonders if Emmerdale’s really for him

Mark is shaken after seeing Faye and wants to beef up the security at Home Farm, but Natasha is unaware of his motives and believes he’s overreacting. Mark blurts out that moving to the village was a mistake and Maisie wonders if her father is feeling suffocated by being retired. Will is worried about his dad and approaches him. Mark and Will agree that although they might not be cut out for country life they will all try harder.

Jimmy continues to deny his feelings for Nicola and tells Lexi he doesn’t care about her new man. Nicola is determined to make Jimmy jealous and decides to attend a networking dinner on Natasha’s behalf to bag herself a rich man. Katie invites herself along to the do to make sure that Nicola doesn’t show up Home Farm!

Andy arranges a family meal at Butlers. Victoria is pleased about the invite, as she is happy to be able to spend time with Daz. When Victoria gets a moment alone with Daz she apologises to him for what she said, but teases him that she knows he fancies her. After an awkward atmosphere at the meal Diane thinks Victoria isn’t well and suggests that she stays at The Woolpack.

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