Mark’s dark discovery

The relationship between Holby CEO Mark Williams and the father of his granddaughter, Doctor Sacha Levy, is damaged when a patient makes a complaint against the jovial medic. Having overheard Sacha tell what she thinks is a sexist joke, and after witnessing him give Jac a friendly hug, patient Dora makes trouble when she accuses him of inappropriate behaviour. Knowing that he has to take the claim seriously, Mark is forced to reprimand Sacha.

But, making matters worse, Mark digs into Sacha’s past and discovers that this isn’t the first suggestion of sexual harassment he’s battled. When Mark confronts Sacha with an accusation made by a patient in his last job, jovial Sacha realises that Mark does not trust him. Mark is suitably shame-faced when he learns that the previous claim was completely unsubstantiated.

Elsewhere: Elliot finds that he has to dodge some red tape in order to acquire some much-needed laser equipment for his patient, Ben.

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