Will Mark’s family be torn apart?

How will the Brennan brothers deal with a shock revelation?

Mark, Aaron and Tyler return from Russell’s funeral ready to move on with their lives. As Aaron goes off to see David, Tyler spends quality time with Piper, while Mark has to figure out what lays ahead for him and Elly. Later, the boys receive a package of Russell’s things. The box of old belongings contains an envelope for each son. As the brothers bond over the box, Sheila decides to tell them the truth – that one Brennan brother isn’t a Brennan at all. Will the envelopes reveal all?

After finding a condom wrapper in the aftermath of the storm, Dipi jumps to the conclusion that Yashvi and Ben are having sex. Shane warns Dipi to slow down with her accusations – but will she listen? Also, will Dipi’s meddling affect Yashvi and Ben’s relationship?