Mark pays for his lies with his life but who was angry enough to kill him? The truth about his bigamy and the scale of his deception has hurt a lot of people. The Wylde family has been devastated and any one of them could have turned on Mark in a murderous rage… He let daughter Maisie fall for her brother Ryan; he tore apart the family Natasha cherished.

Then there’s nasty Nathan. He didn’t think much of Mark when he thought he had just had an affair with Faye. Does the truth about his father’s past make Nathan a murderer? Or is it one of the Lambs who have killed off the man who left them to fend for themselves all those years ago and who has now wrecked their lives again?

Elsewhere in the village, Nicola is creating her own little drama – although nothing on the scale of the Wylde revelations. She’s got what she wanted: Scarlett’s money to pay for the christening. Will she go overboard? Jimmy begs her not to but self-restraint has never been one of Nicola’s strong points…

Meanwhile, Carl flashes a rare smile when Jimmy asks him to be Angelica’s godfather. Will he honour his commitment to his niece?

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