Mark’s not having a good day

Since Mark brought Officer Holland down for threatening Kyle, he’s experiencing problems with his colleagues. He’s told not to attend a social function until the dust settles but things get worse when his car is vandalised. When he gets no support from his boss, Mark loses his patience and ends up snapping at Kate.

He also ends up rowing with Jade when she has a go at him for taking Toadie’s side. When he explains he was only staying there while his place was fumigated, Jade feels bad and agrees to buy him a beer and to have a game of pool. The competition hots up between them and they end the night kissing.

Jade tells Callum she’s pleased he’s given Sonya another chance but when Callum explains that Sonya promised she’d never be that person again, Jade is worried, knowing Sonya can’t make promises like that.

Toadie can see that Callum really cares about Sonya and asks Karl for some advice. He wants to protect him and Karl tells him to trust his instinct. Toadie asks Callum if he’d like to spend more time with Sonya, and Callum hesitates, not wanting to upset Toadie. However, he says he would and Sonya is surprised to see both of them at the door.

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