Marlon and Donna kiss!

At the hospital, Donna is told that the cancer has spread and she’s now only got a few weeks left to live. Donna refuses to have chemo, because she doesn’t want to spend the last weeks of her life feeling ill with the side effects and insists on keeping the news from her friends and family. Overcome with emotion, Marlon can’t take it and when he breaks down in tears, he and Donna end up kissing!

Cain’s promised to give Andy £20,000 in compensation for his horrific accident back in June, but hasn’t really given any thought about where the money’s going to come from. After all, Butler’s Farm isn’t the most profitable business in the world! So he hits on the idea of blackmailing Charity into giving him the cash. He tells her that unless she gives him the money he will tell Declan that she didn’t have a miscarriage but a termination!

When Sam offers Tracy more cash so she doesn’t have to work, Robbie realises she’s just trying to get what she can out of Sam. When Robbie points this out to Tracy, she tells him to back off or she will tell Sam he made a move on her. Meanwhile, Sean’s devastated when Belle tells him it’s over and suggests he signs up to the army! It looks like Sean’s destined to be a soldier boy after all.