Marlon confronts a shocked Ross and shoves him against a door and threatens him, demanding to know what is going on between Ross and Donna. Marlon takes a swing at Ross but Ross dodges his punches. A fed-up Ross finally hits back and tells Marlon that if he put as much effort into his marriage as he does into fuelling his own jealousy, he’d have a fabulous relationship. Marlon realises he has been foolish and apologises.

Doug and Hilary bicker as they put the finishing touches to Daniel’s christening gown and Hilary confronts Doug over how much he hurt her when he openly flirted with Lily. As the argument escalates, Doug accidentally spills red wine on the christening gown. The couple are horrified and Doug suggests breaking into Pollard’s factory to use one of Pollard’s machines to hastily put together a new one.

Bishop George thanks Emily for her recent help and commends her for her caring attitude. The Bishop asks Emily if she would be prepared to leave the village if a worthwhile proposition arose. Could the Bishop be talking about marriage?

Also, Pollard decides to prove to Val that he can be romantic – by proposing – certain that she’ll turn him down. But Val finds out…