Marlon bans Rhona from seeing Leo!

When Rhona has a funny turn in the cafe, suspicions are roused. With the vet having recently battled an addiction to painkillers, some of the locals jump to the conclusion she’s still taking drugs. Rhona is taken aback when Marlon angrily points the finger and tells his ex she won’t be seeing their son Leo until he can be sure she’s clean. To add to her misery, Rhona realises husband Paddy isn’t convinced by her sobriety either.

Val still blames Pollard for their adopted daughter Amy’s dramatic exit. When Diane and Victoria take their turns in trying to get her to see sense, will Val listen or is her marriage properly on the rocks again?

Laurel’s facing a prison term for assaulting Moira’s carjacker nephew Ross. Desperate for Laurel to escape a sentence, Marlon urges her to consider twisting the truth for the sake of the children.