Marlon begs Paddy to save his dog!

Paddy’s a brilliant vet, but because he was convicted of assaulting a police officer he’s been suspended; he’s not allowed to treat any animals for six months. Except Marlon needs him… Marlon’s dog, Daisy, has been run over by Ashley (accidentally on purpose? Surely not!) and needs urgent surgery. Paddy hesitates – this will be the end of his career if he’s caught. But then he tells Marlon to lock the surgery door and get ready to help him. After months of hurting each other, it looks like Marlon and Paddy’s friendship could be healed as they work together to save Maisie…

Katie and Gennie fail to make things better between themselves, though. Katie visits Gennie, wanting a shoulder to cry on, but Gennie shrugs her off. She has her own family to worry about and tells Katie she has no time for her.

Kerry thinks Amy should be making time for Alex – yes, the same Alex who cheated on Victoria with Moira! Only Kerry could think he’s a catch! Amy’s not interested and turns down Alex’s offer of a drink. She doesn’t want her mum playing matchmaker, but she should know by now that Kerry’s a law unto herself.