Marlon bungles the robbery!

Marlon and Eli turn up to do the job at the bookies in a stolen car, but Marlon is horrified when Eli reveals that he’s brought a gun. The brothers argue and Eli goes into the bookies alone but Marlon is worried when Eli takes his time. Marlon walks in to see Eli threatening the manager and a customer with the gun and he tries to grab the weapon. But the gun goes off and Marlon is left in a pool of blood, as he urges Eli to run for the door…

Kelly’s latest modelling job turns out to be less than glamorous, demonstrating DIY equipment at a store. The job goes from bad to worse when she has to fend off the attentions of the sleazy store manager, and she starts up a hedge trimmer that destroys the set!

Jo buys a herd of goats from Sam and Shadrach for her new dairy business but she doesn’t question where the dodgy pair acquired them from. Paddy inspects her herd and has a laugh with Andy when he discovers that one of the herd is a billy goat, who will be of little use for getting milk!

Also, Paul considers starting up his own events business.