Marlon asks Carly to move in with him!

Single dad Marlon Dingle asks Carly to move into Tall Trees with him and his daughter April

*First episode*

At Tall Trees, Carly is thrown when Marlon asks if she’d like to move in with him and April. Is she ready for such commitment to the single dad chef and his daughter?

Elsewhere, it’s Lisa Dingle’s birthday and she’s having a party at the Woolpack – but the do ends in doom and gloom after Zak makes a clumsy comment about Kyle.

The arson investigation into the Bartons’ cab continues and sees Kasim urge Finn to believe he wasn’t behind the crime. When the police then suggest Finn set fire to the motor in an act of revenge against his ex, his heart sinks. How will protective mum Emma react in the face of such a serious allegation having been made against her son?

After noticing that Pearl is acting strangely, vets Rhona and Vanessa wonder if their elderly receptionist is gambling again.