At The Woolpack, Marlon’s throwing another fit over Moira’s interference in his kitchen. It seems a stir-fry is too spicy. But is that really where all the heat is coming from?

Leyla’s money worries are getting her down. She’s a young woman with a good-looking bloke and wants to dress nice for him but her financial commitments leave her with nothing to treat herself with. She’s become obsessed with owning a pair of designer shoes but Katie insists she pays her bills first and a frustrated Leyla feels she’ll never have the money for little luxuries. Then she finds herself with her hand in the cashbox at the Home Farm shop… Is Leyla about to lose her job for the price of a pair of designer shoes?

The closest Cain gets to thinking about footwear is considering putting his boot up Michael’s backside. He doesn’t trust the bloke, even when he says he’s going to visit his fiancée to tell her it’s all over. Michael returns that evening, though and tells Debbie he has called off his wedding. He’s all hers! Is he though? Cain’s not convinced and Michael should realise that he needs to keep him happy as well as Debbie…