Guess what? Marlon’s found out that Paddy’s been for an interview for a job in New Zealand and didn’t tell him. Marlon marches into the cafe and reads Rhona and Paddy the riot act. But it’s OK because Paddy says the interview was a disaster and no one’s going anywhere. Marlon calms down and goes back to work – and Paddy gets a phone call telling him he’s got the job! Uh-oh! Rhona and Paddy are excited but they know Marlon won’t be when they tell him their news.

Lisa needs to talk to Zak. His dealings with the loan sharks put Belle in danger and she’s not sure she can forgive him for that. She’s not even sure if she still loves him, but she doesn’t tell him that. Zak can see how she feels, though, and offers to leave, even though he wants to stay. Saddened by the broken man before her, Lisa tells Zak to stay… for now.

Dan was broken by Ali’s relationship with Ruby, but now he’s accepted that they’re a couple and is ready to move on. And it looks like he fancies his chances with Chas! Hahahahahahahahahaha!