Marlon is crushed to see Carly and Matt together

Marlon leaps to the wrong conclusion when he see Carly and Matt looking cosy...

Marlon’s anxiety about the closeness between  Carly and her ex, Matt, intensifies when he spots the pair together from afar. The unlucky-in-love chef is still planning to propose to his girlfriend, but starts to waver when he sees her locked in conversation with her ex.

Unbeknown to him Carly has agreed to help Matt with a money-making scheme particularly as she wants to raise some cash to treat Marlon to a special surprise she has in mind. When Marlon later quizzes her about what she and Matt were discussing she lies to cover her tracks. Will he leap to the wrong conclusion?

Elsewhere, Lawrence feels guilty and braces himself to visit his daughter, Rebecca, but is thrown when Chrissie breaks some unexpected news.

Jai is delighted when he discovers former addict Nell, has arranged a meeting with social services.